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About our Long Tail Keywords Research tool

The first thing you must know is – What is Long Tail Keyword. They are the phrase queries which the users search in the search engines. For example if someone search for “SEO Tools” it’s not necessary to type exactly this keyword in the Search Engines. It is more likely to type something like this:

SEO tools online free;
SEO tools for best results;
SEO tools keyword research, etc.

Usually the search volume for these terms is not so high, but also the competition there is almost none. So if you have the opportunity to know the most popular long tail keywords and you include them in your website on page SEO, you will get easily the top positions. There is even more – Usually visitors which are coming to your website from long tail keywords are converting to customers much better! If they get to you by “SEO Tools” it’s likely that they are only researching, if they come by “Best online SEO analyzing tools” then the researching possibility is close to zero. Most likely they are looking for product they want to use!

Using long tail keywords also will lead you to increased visitors traffic. The low competition in these keywords guarantee you taking all the traffic for specific phrases related to your niche.

How our tool beats the other keyword research tools?

- Faster keyword harvesting

Within seconds, only one click away, our tool harvest hundreds of Long Tail Keywords. Our tool harvest about 100 keywords per second, so even if the long tail keywords are one thousand, it will take only ten seconds.

- Real keywords

Our Long Tail Keyword tool harvest for you REAL words that are proven to be effective. A lot of tools that do this kind of job just generate random keyword combinations and this waste your time and efforts. Our tool harvest the words from 4 of the biggest Search Engines in the world, taking REAL phrases that are searched by REAL people.

- Automation and easy managing

With our tool you automate work that you could do by yourself but it will take you hours. We even don’t just give you list, we export the results in CSV file which is ready for you to download. Easy as that!

- Free

Our tool is completely free to use, beating all other paid tools in it’s effectiveness!

- 100′s of keywords

We tested other tools before we released this one and we can say for sure – It gives the best result. We take the results from 4 different sources, where every day millions of peoples search these phrases and we just spy on them! You can combine it with the Google AdWords tool for best results.